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Doc#4 Coca Cola & Israel: Is Not The Real Thing
28 mins/South Africa 2009/Director Mohammed Fahrie Hassan.

Coca Cola the iconic beverage rated as the most popular world-wide brand in 2008. Always Coca Cola, Coke adds life and The Real Thing has shaped cultures and become household slogans. For many years popular myths have been propagated concerning the Coca Cola company’s support for the Israeli entity. This documentary, Coca Cola & Israel is not the Real Thing presents substantial evidence to confirm Coca Cola company’s overwhelming support for the Israeli state and the Zionist ideology.

Courtesy of Channel 4 Network SA
Screens: Sat 3/10H50 Joseph Stone Auditorium
Sun 4/12H00 Joseph Stone Studio B
Shows with Zainab’s Story: A Case for Boycott against Israel

Doc#1 To Gaza With Love
70mins/UK/Director Aki Nawaz

The true story a rag-tag team of international peace activists aboard two fishing boats, who decided to take on the might of the Israeli military and break the siege of Gaza. Refusing to be intimidated, only one thing could stop them; and that was them-selves.

To Gaza With Love is a rollercoaster of emotion, tears, high drama, and courage. The true story of two fishing boats crewed by a bunch of international peace activists, who decided to take on the might of the Israeli military and break the siege of Gaza. Refusing to be intimidated, only one thing could stop them; and that was them-selves.

Courtesy of the director and the Free Gaza Movement
Screens:Sat 3 Oct/16h30 pm Joseph Stone Auditorium
Sun 4 Oct/10h00 am Joseph Stone Auditorium

Doc#1 Jerusalem: The East Side Story
60 mins/Palestine/Director Muhammed Alatar

Jerusalem: The East Side Story is a documentary that squeezes nearly 100 years of history into an hour. It mainly exposes the past 40 years of Israeli military occupation policies in Jerusalem and their devastating impact on the city and its peoples.

The film brings many Jerusalemites, including many Jewish Israelis, to tell their story firsthand. The first account is that of Mr. Meron Benvenisti, an Israeli political scientist and former deputy mayor of Jerusalem who makes a case for the more than 10,000 Palestinians who were displaced by Israel from West Jerusalem after Israel was created in 1948, and became internally displaced persons while still in their city - albeit forced to the east side

Courtesy of the director
Screens:Sun 4/13H30 Joseph Stone Auditorium

Doc#1 Deir Yassin Remembered
30mins/USA/Deir Yassin Remembered Collective

Early in the morning of April 9, 1948, commandos of the Irgun (headed by Menachem Begin) and the Stern Gang attacked Deir Yassin, a village with about 750 Palestinian residents. In all, over 100 men, women, and children were systematically murdered. This documentary traces some of that history, and surveys, the ruins, the dilapidated cemeteries. The interviews with survivors speak of vivid memories, of a determined people whom has never forgotten their heritage.

Screens: Sat 3/10h00 Joseph Stone Auditorium
Sun 4/13h30 Studio A

Doc#1 Offside
16min/Palestine/Israel/2005/Director Daniel Silvan & Dorit Tadir

This Trabelsi production is about the Apartheid Wall and its impact it has on the lives of ordinary Palestinians. It’s the story about the Omar family, yet could represent any Palestinian family. The Apartheid wall was built through their backyard, without consultation of course, which virtually imprisoned them in their own house. It is the story of 13 year-old Ishaq Omar whose only passion is to play soccer with his friends, but they are prevented from doing this by the Apartheid Wall. It is the story of the impact the wall has on ordinary children.

Screens: Sat 3/17h00 Joseph Stone Studio B
Sun 4/13h30 Joseph Stone Studio B
Shows with Children of Conflict - Gaza

Doc#1 Children of Conflict

Children of Conflict talks to the grandchildren of the oldest female Palestinian suicide bomber, Rana who wants to become a journalist to tell of Palestinian suffering and Tahal who wants to be the first female Palestinian president.

CokeIsrael ToGazaWithLove JerusalemEastSideStory DeirYassien Offside ChildrenOfConflict

Desert Rose
performers of spiritual music will perform their hit song, “Who is my God”, at the Thursday Gala Evening and Friday opening of the Palestinian Struggle and Human Spirit Film Festival.
Be there!

Desert Rose, the leading producers and performers of spiritual world music, will perform their hit song, “Who is your God”, as part of the Festival.

The song has become an anthem amongst supporters of Palestine and questions the spirituality of the Israeli government who was responsible for the human rights atrocities committed against the people of Gaza in Dec/Jan 2009. The vocalists are Muslim and Jew and reflect the growing global objection from all human rights activists to the illegal occupation and Israeli settlements.

Desert Rose was recently commended for their promotion of cultural diversity and interfaith harmony by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Shaykh Seraj Hendricks.

Book Review
Solidarity with the people of Palestine

This booklet, Solidarity with the People of Palestine, is the second in the WWMP Solidarity Forever series, following the one produced previously that promotes solidarity with the people from Swaziland and Zimbabwe. The information contained in the booklet focuses on the history of the colonial occupation and oppression of the historic land and people of Palestine. Its exposes several historical myths that have been perpetuated by the Israeli rulers and their supporters, primarily the governments of "the West" in the form of the US, Britain and several European countries.

The review will be done by Martin Jansen who is a qualified teacher and also holds a post-graduate diploma in African Studies (UCT). He has been a Student and youth activist since the late 1970s until the mid-1980’s and joined the progressive Labour movement in 1984. He has served in the Chemical Workers Industrial Union in various capacities including Branch Secretary, educator and national Campaigns Coordinator.

He is also the education and Media Unit-head of the Labour Research Service – where his work included organizing public events, educational programmes/workshops, write, edit and produce publications. Martin has led the setting up of Workers World Media Productions since 1997 and was instrumental in developing and setting up Cape Town TV since 2004. He currently serves as the chairperson of the CTV Board.

Venue: Joseph Stone Auditorium, Studio A Time: 14h00

Gala Dinner Cancelled

Due to the unavailability of Cynthia McKinney, the Gala Dinner has been called off. If you have any queries regarding this, please contact Channel4 via our contact page.
Channel4 will be releasing a press statement regarding Ms McKinney as soon as more information is available.

Festival News on FreeGaza & Electronic Intifada

These 2 well know international activist movements have posted the press release of the Film Festival on their websites, please view it here:

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Gala Dinner & Exhibition Stalls

Gala Opening Dinner.
Meet international guest, former US congresswoman and 2009 US presidential candidate, Cynthia McKinney, Dr Virginia Tilley and various local dignitaries. Businesses, NGO’s and organizations are invited to purchase corporate tables or individual tickets for this Gala dinner.

Availability of exhibition stands
As part of the Channel 4 Network Palestinian Struggle and Human Spirit Film Festival [...]

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